Money-Back Guarantee Policy

Our Money-Back Guarantee Policy puts more emphasis on customer satisfaction and unmatched quality.

We always prioritize, value, and pursue customer satisfaction. That emanates from the fact that we operate as one of the most customer-focused custom writing communities. Our goal is to ensure that all customers leave feeling highly valued and happy with the quality of service they receive from us. For this reason, it is rare to encounter customers asking us for a refund. That said, customers can ask for refunds. Within this industry, you will encounter numerous writing agencies that promise refunds but have no Money-Back Guarantee Policy to govern the whole process. has a clearly defined Money-Back Guarantee Policy. The policy mainly clears any questions customers may have regarding eligibility for refunds. It has two primary sections, namely:

  1. Before approving the order
  2. After approving the order

Before Approving the Order

Customers get a 100% refund if their requests adhere to the following conditions:

  1. Canceling an order that has just been placed before any writer starts working on it.
  2. Errors occurring when paying for the order (such as paying more for an order or making a double payment for the same order).
  3. Failure to get a highly qualified, competent, and suitable writer for your order.
  4. Failure to deliver the order within the stipulated time, thus making it unnecessary. In such cases, would refund the whole amount you paid for the order. However, you will not get the paper. What is more, you would not be free to use any material that the writer or support team shared with you. This condition does not apply in late revisions.

You will get a 70% refund under the following conditions:

  1. Canceling orders that are already in progress when under 50% of the time has elapsed. In such a case, you would not be eligible for a full refund since the writer was already working on the order; thus, they need compensation for the time spent on your order.

Customers get a 50% refund under the following conditions:

  1. Canceling an order that a writer has already started working on and more than 50% of the time has elapsed.
  2. Failure on our part to get a qualified and suitable writer to undertake the revisions you wanted.

You also qualify for variable percentage refunds under the following conditions:

  1. Getting your paper delivered past the deadline yet you still need it. In such moments, we will give you a refund because of the late submission or delivery. A new fee would be charged for any paper you receive past the deadline you set. We arrive at the new fee after considering the late submission. We base the refund on the amount we get after subtracting the new fee from what we initially charged for the paper. For example, let us say we charged you $36 for a paper that you expect to receive in three days. We then deliver the paper after the 3 days and 10 hours we initially agreed upon for some unforeseen reasons. Let us assume that the cost of a paper that is delivered after 3 days and 10 hours is $30. What happens here is that you would be entitled to a refund of $6. We arrive at that figure from $36 - $30 = $6.
  2. You are free to ask for a revision if you feel that the paper we delivered is not of the quality you expected from us. You pay nothing for the revision. You also have the choice of requesting a different writer to work on the paper. Another option available to you involves asking the customer support team to adjust the order’s status to “Dispute” by making a few comments on the page where you placed the order. To do this, you would need to sign in to your control panel. Once inside, open the order. After that, write and post this comment to the support staff: “Please put this paper on ‘Dispute’ status.” Once its status changes to “Dispute,” you can claim refunds. A few pointers worth remembering include:
    • Credible and solid reasons are necessary for supporting your claim for adjusting the status to “Dispute.”
    • Dispute resolution takes time. Therefore, exercise patience. The process involves speaking with the writer, sending the paper in question to the Quality Control Department, or requesting additional materials to support your request. All these actions require plenty of time.
    • Any order whose status changes to “Dispute” isn’t limited to any specific percentage refund. We analyze each case independently. We evaluate the merits and reasons carefully before determining the refund.
    • The dispute can be subject to cancellation where the client cannot supply any material we asked for within 14 days. In such situations, the client will not be eligible for any refund.

After Approving the Order

Expect to receive a preview version of your order on the order page once the writer is through working on it. We would then change the order’s status to “Delivered.” Afterward, you would have 2 weeks to read this version. At the end of the two weeks, you would be free to approve it or ask for a revision. If you fail to act within 2 weeks, our system will approve the order automatically. Once the order is approved, you would then receive the final version in an editable MS Word format. You would then have free access to the paper to do with it as you deem fit.

You are entitled to ask for multiple revisions of the same order or paper. However, we assume that you are happy with the quality of the paper that you approve. Approving the paper means that you consider it to be free of errors. In such cases, you would not be eligible for a refund. Even in such instances, you would still have 7 days within which to ask for a revision.

Never approve a paper whose preview version you have not read critically. Confirm that the paper is of the quality you wanted before approving it. Contact our customer support team if you’re unable to read the preview version for whatever reason. Ask for a different version or copy of the preview.

It is good to remember that you lose all rights that allow you to use the paper in any way once you receive a 100% refund. You would be unable to use any document we sent to your order page after receiving the full refund. In such situations, would retain copyright and ownership of the paper and documents. We would then have the right to use the papers in whichever way we want. Normally, we would publish these types of papers as samples on our website. Using such a paper anywhere else would leave you with questions to answer as it would fail anti-plagiarism checks by any software that you or the institution you submit it to uses.