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Below is a statement explaining our personal information (privacy) policy. It gives you an insight into what to expect regarding the data we collect about you every time you log into

Typically, we use the information to improve the content on all our web pages. We also use it for customizing our pages’ content and layout. You would never have to worry about us selling, renting, or sharing the information with third parties, as we never do any of that.

Information Collected Whenever You Browse Our Site

Our web server automatically collects all basic information (the type of browser, your IP address, access times, and operating system).

At times, you would see us using cookies. We rely on the cookies for customizing the content on our web pages based on data such as your IP address, type of browser, and any other anonymous information.

About Cookies

Cookies refer to the text files that help our web servers to identify the users’ computers. They only focus on the computer thus are unable to identify the actual user. We are not alone in using cookies. Many websites also use them every time visitors are on those sites to monitor traffic.

Cookies record specific information. One, they capture the areas on the website that each computer visits. Two, they capture the duration each computer spends on the webpage visited. Users have several freedoms here. They can allow their computers to accept all cookies. Alternatively, they can ask to be notified every time a cookie is issued. Lastly, users can opt not to receive cookies at any given moment. Any user who accepts that last option should be prepared not to have access to some personalized services.

Use of Optional Information

On a few pages on our website, you may be required to provide certain details. This includes your name, email address, and any other relevant personal information. This mostly happens when you request a brochure or prospectus. The information you provide is not for any other purpose, such as sharing, selling, or renting. However, we use any demographic-related information for internal marketing research only.

For these grounds, feel free to contact us with the full confidence that we only use the information you provide when asking questions, raising concerns, reporting problems, or providing feedback to respond to your issues. We never share the information with anyone or in any other way apart from its intended purpose.

Future Developments

Occasionally, we may have to use your information in ways we never disclosed previously as part of the privacy policy. That happens on rare occasions. However, before doing that, we would first share the new changes in our privacy policy right on this page.

Keep checking and rechecking this page from time to time to put your mind at ease regarding how we use your information. We only use the data in the manner prescribed by the latest policy changes from the moment they take effect.


We have implemented the necessary security measures to provide you with all the protection you need against alteration, misuse, and loss of information that we collect from you.

Links Disclaimer

You will find links from various government agencies and other organizations on this website. The links do not endorse the information, viewpoint, products and services, accessibility, opinions, policies, or accuracy of those agencies or organizations. It is worth mentioning that linking this website to a different one – including any that the State maintains – makes you subject to the terms, conditions, and privacy policy you find on those sites.

Disclosures Prohibited

Any information we acquire about employers and employees shall only be for the exclusive purpose of helping the relevant commissioner to discharge their duties. That information will never find its way to the public or be availed in any court unless the relevant commissioner is directly involved in the proceedings, notwithstanding any other appropriate legal provisions. Information that is considered crucial in determining benefits’ claims shall be availed to the concerned parties and anyone tasked with effecting placement but only at the discretion of the commissioner.

Is our privacy policy subject to future changes?

We are continually looking for different ways of improving user experience on the website. To achieve this, we are continuously improving and updating the site. Because of this, our policies must evolve too. This often means that we must update our Privacy Policy every time we introduce new technology and services. Keep visiting this page regularly to familiarize yourself with the latest updated policies and practices.

Access to Information

It is your right to request and receive a copy of the details that has concerning you. Furthermore, you have the right to ask us to correct any inaccuracies you find in such information. We charge a flat fee of $35 for any requests you put across for information. Once you pay the fee and place your request, we would then provide you with all the information we have about you. What we provide is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998. Reach out to our customer care team via live chat or email to request this information.

Quality Assurance Policy

You have the right to ask the writer handling your order for a sample of previous work. We offer this service at a fee of $5. The sample features three random pages of the writer’s previous work. Our system generates these samples automatically. Because of this, we are unable to guarantee that the samples will contain texts only. They might contain other aspects of the writing that include references, calculations, statistics, images, charts, and graphs. Do not copy or distribute the sample. Instead, use it for quality assurance only.

You have a maximum of two hours to go through the sample once the order is assigned to a specific writer. You may decide to ask for a different writer if the samples do not adhere to your expectations. We allow you to ask for a different writer up to three times for one order only.

Use of samples for Quality Assurance Policy

Later, we will ask you to accept our Privacy Policy. By accepting, you will be giving us permission to use your order for quality assurance. That should not worry you since we restrict ourselves to not more than one page – or a short abstract – to assure other clients of the quality of the writer’s work. We protect this abstract or sample from your work to prevent it from being copied or distributed too.